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Hoiana Shores Golf Club

Golf Course Design and Features

Location: The Hoiana Shores Golf Club is situated in the coastal area of Cua Dai, Quang Nam, approximately 8km south of the UNESCO World Heritage site Hoi An ancient town.

Designer: Renowned golf course designer Robert Trent Jones II has masterfully created a Championship standard 18-hole golf course spanning about 985,000 square meters. His expertise in designing challenging and nature-integrated courses, as showcased in notable venues like Chambers Bay and Cordevalle, shines through in Hoiana Shores.

Scenic Elements: The course offers a diverse terrain, ranging from hills to seaside landscapes, providing a unique and visually stunning golfing experience. Golfers encounter spacious and comfortable surroundings with eye-catching sand dunes and views of Cu Lao Cham beach. The layout creatively integrates difficult sand traps, water hazards, and bushes to test players’ skills.

Course Type: Hoiana Shores embodies characteristics of a links course, benefiting from the Central region’s weather patterns. Its proximity to the sea ensures players enjoy a cool and refreshing environment, free from harsh sunlight. The cooling winds in the later part of the day add an extra challenge, with changing wind speeds affecting play.

Golf Facilities and Amenities

The Hoiana Shores Golf Club offers a range of amenities to enhance the golfing experience:

  • Golf course with challenging features
  • PGA Golf Academy for skill enhancement
  • Practice field for refining techniques
  • Professional tool shop for equipment needs

Culinary Options:

  • Restaurant, cafe, and bar facilities for dining
  • Function room and private dining area for gatherings
  • Relaxing lobby to unwind after a game

Hoiana Resort Experience

Beyond golf, guests can explore Hoiana’s resort paradise, which intertwines entertainment, luxurious lifestyle, coastal beauty, and Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage.

Hoiana Resort boasts four hotels offering lavish accommodations in the form of luxurious rooms, suites, and villas, ensuring a restful and pampering stay.

By amalgamating a challenging golf experience with stunning natural surroundings and top-tier amenities, the Hoiana Shores Golf Club emerges as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable and holistic leisure experience.

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