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Privacy Policy

Based on the information provided from the “Privacy Policy” of Vietnam Golf Lux, here are the key points regarding the privacy policy and the personal data collection practices:

Privacy Policy of Vietnam Golf Lux:

Commitment to Privacy:

Vietnam Golf Lux is dedicated to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring a secure and pleasant customer experience. Compliance with Vietnamese law is a priority in formulating the Privacy Policy.

Data Controller:

Vietnam Golf Lux, as a data controller, determines the purposes and methods of processing personal data collected and is accountable for that data.The company is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Modifications and Compliance:

The Policy may be modified at any time, with the effective date displayed at the end of the Policy.

Previous versions can be requested from the company for reference.

Understanding Data Usage:

It is essential to go through the Privacy Policy along with any provided privacy or fair processing notices to understand the data usage fully.

The Policy supplements other notices without overriding them.

  • Personal Data Collection:
  • Purpose of Data Collection:
  • Personal data (name, address, contact details) is collected to facilitate golf break arrangements with suppliers and to fulfill golf break contract services.

The data is also used for informing about future golf breaks and other purposes outlined in the Policy.

Data Types:

Personal data collected includes full name, address, email address, and telephone number.

Consent Requirement:

Consent or another legal basis for processing personal data is sought before processing, in alignment with Data Protection Laws.

Definition of Personal Data:

Personal data is defined as information related to identified or identifiable natural persons.

Data Collection Instances:

  • Making an enquiry with the sales team
  • Making a booking for a golf trip
  • Making a payment for a golf trip
  • Interacting with customer service
  • Having a live chat session
  • Registering for an account
  • Participating in competitions
  • Registering for events
  • Subscribing to the email newsletter

This information provides a comprehensive overview of the Privacy Policy and the collection of personal data by Vietnam Golf Lux. For further details, contacting the Data Protection Officer via email at is advised.

Additional Data Requirements for Bookings:

  • Providing names and contact details of all party members when making a booking.
  • Requesting passport details for flight bookings as part of the golf break arrangements.

Health and Mobility Information Disclosure:

Requirement to disclose medical conditions, health issues, or mobility restrictions during enquiries or bookings.

Importance of obtaining consent for the use of this sensitive information to ensure a safe holiday experience.

Group Data Handling:

Consent necessity for providing personal data of other parties involved in the booking.

Utilization of their personal data for the performance of the booking contract.

Automated Technologies and Data Collection:

Technical Data Collection:

  • Collection of technical data (IP address, login data, browser information) through interactions on the website.
  • Use of cookies and similar technologies for data collection.

Aggregated Data Usage:

Collection, utilization, and sharing of aggregated data for statistical and demographic analysis.

Aggregated Data is not considered personal data unless combined or connected to directly or indirectly identify individuals, in which case it is treated as personal data.

For a holistic understanding of data collection practices, it is crucial to adhere to the Privacy Policy of Vietnam Golf Lux, especially concerning personal data disclosure and the handling of sensitive information like health and mobility details.

The expanded information from the Privacy Policy of Vietnam Golf Lux highlights key points on data usage, security measures, storage practices, marketing communications, and rights related to personal data:

Breakpoints Loyalty Scheme:

Points earned under the loyalty scheme can be redeemed against future golf breaks.

Communication regarding accumulated points, expiration, and promotional details is conveyed using the provided contact information.

Marketing Communications:

Opt-In and Opt-Out Mechanisms:

Subscribers can manage their preferences through the online preference center, selecting the type and frequency of marketing communications desired.

Marketing communications may include offers and promotions sent via email, telephone, text message, or post.

Active opt-in by the customer is assumed unless stated otherwise, allowing for the reception of marketing communications.

Opting-in can be done by adjusting preferences in the online account, subscribing or unsubscribing for specific communications, contacting via phone or email.

Security and Storage Measures:

Data Security:

Implementation of technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from unauthorized processing or loss.

Measures include encryption, confidentiality assurance, integrity maintenance, and regular evaluation of processes.

Secure transmission of data over the internet using high-grade encryption protocols.

Data Retention:

Personal data is retained for the necessary period to fulfill the intended purposes, accounting for legal and risk considerations.

Personal data storage duration is minimized, and time limits are set for erasure or periodic review.

Rights and Data Sharing:

Your Rights:

Right to request a free copy of personal data held by the company and to rectify any errors or incomplete data.

Legal grounds for sharing personal data with suppliers or third parties only as indicated in the Privacy Policy.

Data Erasure and Consent Withdrawal:

Ability to request erasure of personal data, especially in cases of processing unlawfully or upon withdrawing consent.

Company response might be limited due to specific legal reasons, which will be communicated at the time of the request.

This comprehensive Privacy Policy outlines the company’s commitment to data protection, transparency in usage, and responsiveness to user rights and preferences.

Privacy Policy last updated on  April 28, 2024.