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Thu Duc Golf Course

Thu Duc Golf Course, a captivating golfing haven in Ho Chi Minh City, is built and designed in adherence to international standards, offering an amalgamation of golfing excellence, leisure, and entertainment in the South. Here are the prominent features and advantages of this esteemed golf course:

Distinguishing Features

Extensive Area: Spanning an impressive 300 hectares, the Saigon Thu Duc golf course comprises 36 holes and 72 standard clubs. It is divided into two main areas, West and East, each featuring 18 class holes. Moreover, the course hosts large-scale amateur golf tournaments as well as annual events such as Swing For Life and Long Friendship Golf Tournament.

Unique Design: The western area of the course was designed by renowned Taiwanese architect Chen King Shih, while the eastern part was designed by the legendary golfer Lee Trevino, a six-time champion of ideation seasons. This exceptional design appeals to golfers of all levels, from professional to amateur, adding to the allure of the Thu Duc Golf Course.

Scenic Terrain: The landscape and terrain of Thu Duc golf course receive high acclaim from golfers for its undulating fairways and picturesque waterways, presenting challenges at various levels. The teeing area, fairway, and greens are adorned with high-quality natural grass, enhancing accuracy and providing an exhilarating golfing experience.

Professional Services: The golf course is equipped with modern amenities such as a Clubhouse, resort hotel, parking lot, lockers, bathrooms, Proshop, and a full restaurant, all of which meet international standards. This ensures that visitors enjoy a comprehensive and luxurious experience during their stay.

Dedicated Staff: The professional and dedicated staff at Thu Duc Golf Course ensure that golfers are provided with exceptional service, leaving them thoroughly satisfied and eager to return for more enriching experiences.

Thu Duc golf course location:

Located on Hoang Huu Nam Street, Long Thanh My Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Thu Duc Golf Course stands out as a premier destination, offering a harmonious blend of exceptional facilities, picturesque landscapes, and world-class services, ensuring an unforgettable and satisfying golfing experience for all enthusiasts.

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