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Thanh Lanh golf course

Introducing Thanh Lanh Valley Golf Resort

Nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Tam Dao in Vinh Phuc, the Thanh Lanh Golf Course, known as the Serena Thanh Lanh Valley Golf Resort, stands as the newest jewel in the crown of esteemed golf course projects by the legendary designer, Nick Faldo. Thanh Lanh Valley Golf Resort ‘s Location


The Thanh Lanh Vinh Phuc golf course is nestled at Trung My Commune, Binh Xuyen District, Vinh Phuc Province, at the foot of the majestic Tam Dao Mountain, within the Nam Tam Dao eco-tourism area.


This esteemed golf course is conveniently located approximately 65km from the heart of Hanoi, accessible through multiple routes including the Hanoi – Lao Cai Highway, Me Linh road, or the path from Dam Vac yard to Dai Lai lake.


Renowned Designer

Designed by the esteemed golf course design company Faldo Design, under the guidance of the legendary Nick Faldo, this golf course embodies the distinguished expertise and artistry that have characterized a host of renowned golf course projects in Vietnam, including the Hoan Cau Long An course and Laguna Lang Co Hue.

Distinctive Features

The Thanh Lanh Valley Golf Resort boasts 18 standard golf holes spread across an expansive 73-hectare area, offering a total course length of 7000 yards. The design incorporates 5 separate tee boxes, catering to golfers of varying skill levels and preferences. Notably, the course’s distinctive attributes include 9 golf holes by the lake and 18 golf holes affording breathtaking vistas of the mountains and rivers.

Harmonious Blend of Nature and Architecture

Marked by a harmonious integration of natural beauty and architectural craftsmanship, the design of the Thanh Lanh Vinh Phuc golf course accentuates the splendor of the natural landscape, enhancing every aspect to provide an unmatched experience for golfers.

The Thanh Lanh Valley Golf Resort epitomizes a union of natural splendor and human ingenuity, promising an extraordinary golfing experience amidst the captivating terrain of Tam Dao.

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