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The BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort

The BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort, also known as the Soc Son golf course, designed by NickLaus Design, offers a unique golfing experience. Here’s an overview of the golf course and services provided:

BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort Overview:

Design and Features:

The golf course is the first in Vietnam to feature “twin greens,” offering a new and challenging experience for golfers.

It spans across approximately 126,684 hectares, featuring 18 holes with a par of 72.

The course is designed to mimic the natural terrain of the Soc Son hills and mountains, allowing golfers to experience the best straight ball paths.

Course Facilities:

High-end resort villas, hotels, and low-rise motels surround the golf course, with beautiful architecture consistent with the region’s contour lines and roads.

The layout blends seamlessly with the mountainside landscape, offering impressive architecture and stunning natural scenery.


The BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort is located 30km from Hanoi, near the Soc Temple area, which is a prominent historical and cultural site in Vietnam. Additionally, it is conveniently close to Noi Bai International Airport, making it easily accessible for golfers and tourists.

Services and Amenities:

Infrastructure and Facilities:

NickLaus Design offers complete and modern infrastructure facilities, including high-class practice areas and a system of motels and hotels integrated within the resort complex.

The clubhouse, situated on top of a hill next to a blue lake and surrounded by undulating hills and mountains, provides a picturesque setting with beautiful natural scenery.

Clubhouse Design:

Designed by Z Design, the clubhouse exhibits a contemporary classical architectural style, offering sophistication, luxury, and comfort.

The clubhouse’s equipment and facilities are invested in a manner worthy of a high-class golf club, providing a distinctive and memorable experience for golfers.

In conclusion, the BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort in Soc Son offers a one-of-a-kind golfing experience with its unique twin greens, stunning natural scenery, and high-class amenities, making it an attractive destination for golfers and tourists alike.

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