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Yen Bai Star Golf

Yen Bai Star Golf has an area of ​​210 hectares, a 27-hole international standard golf course with a complex of golf courses, 5-star hotels, villas, golf practice houses, club buildings… Yen Bai Golf Course operated by the Course Joint Stock Company Yen Bai Star golf course is an investor, designed by Peter John Waddell, a master of golf course design and built by Tan Minh company.

Yen Bai Star Golf Course is located in a prime location with diverse vegetation such as palm hills, tea hills, cinnamon fields and is considered to be very convenient to deploy the form of golf combined with eco-tourism and eco-tourism. Resort. The golf course facing the large water surface of Minh District Lake creates an interesting feeling for players.a

The course is designed with countless undulating hills to bring experiences that are both challenging and relaxing. The diversity of the surrounding natural environment in a picturesque landscape is the pride of the Northwest.

The natural terrain will provide unique elevation changes that ensure great challenges for all rounds, leaving a lasting impression on golfers.

It is also because of these favorable natural conditions that experts recommend preserving the natural landscape and preserving the maximum available vegetation during the construction of the yard. Preserving natural elements will help Yen Bai Star Golf have an unmistakable regional character.

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